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Created in 1996 and made from 100% natural fabric created in Africa, Danièle Henkel’s Renaissance Glove™ is an exfoliating mitt inspired by the Moroccan ritual of traditional hammam baths. It is made from eucalyptus and spruce natural cellulose woven into microscopic loops to respect the skin as well as the environment. Resistant, antibacterial, and vegan, it contributes to the body’s health and beauty while conveying a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Exfoliating with the Renaissance Glove™ and face accessory daily has many benefits:

● Deeply cleanses the skin and restores its natural glow
● Prevents ingrown hairs by removing dead cells
● Oxygenates the skin and activates the blood microcirculation
● Softens and regenerates the skin
● Optimizes absorption of creams and serums
● Promotes a long-lasting and even tan

This is the perfect item to offer to a customer after a hair removal service! The Renaissance Glove™ won the 2020 innovation award from Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada.

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