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Light Elegance (LE) was born from Chemistry, Quality and Community over 20 years ago.

These core pillars translate to cutting-edge products for nail technicians that allow them to express their creativity and wow their clients.

LE was created by Lezlie and Jim McConnell. Lezlie was running her own luxury salon, while Jim was working with polyurethane systems in wood products and transportation. Beyond their affinity for each other, they shared a passion for formulating safer, better-performing products. They established LE and haven’t looked back since. The tradition of innovation continues with the next generation, Jim and Lezlie’s daughter Lexy and her husband Joseph.

Years of research and development inspired Light Elegance’s vast selection of hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply gels and acrylics for all skin tones, nail types and styles—from natural nails to elaborate extensions. LE is meticulous about quality control, so you can be confident their products will look, feel and perform beautifully every time.

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Check the Light Elegance website where you can find resources, education, and info on upcoming collections: www.lightelegance.com